Welcome to Celtic Moon Design!

You’ve written a book!  AWESOME!

Now it’s time to give it a face and make it come to life, and that’s where I come in.  Whether you’re looking for a custom cover, a pre-made cover, or some graphics (for Facebook, Instagram, or other promotional materials), I can help you come up with a look that fits your book perfectly.

Custom Covers

Do you already know what you would like your cover to look like but need help bringing it to life? Great! Let’s work together to make it a reality!

Pre-Made Covers

Looking for something perfect for your book but aren’t looking for a custom cover? Browse my pre-made cover selection! Here you’ll find e-book and full wrap options that are nearly ready to go (just provide the information to make it all yours!). Each cover will only be sold once.


Need a Facebook cover picture to go with your book, an Instagram post, or a promotional image? The is the section you’re looking for.